Antique Car Quilt

In addition to quilting I love machine embroidery and at times like to add machine embroidery to my quilts. I found the inspiration for this quilt on Embroidery Library a while back and just had to use the antique car designs for a quilt for my Father in Law.

I started on this quilt in April of this year with the machine embroidery. I worked on the embroidery for about 2 months.

It took a while to decide how to incorporate these embroidered blocks into a quilt and finally came up with the design of this quilt myself.

My Father in Law picked the colors and I chose the fabric. I am real happy with how the cars embroidered out..

Embroidery Library has been a great source for quality designs for me. I used flying geese with a play on my fabric and colors to get a chevron type effect that I like.

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters for my FIL's name that I have appliqued on the top of the quilt. I finally got the quilt top all pieced and now came the next step.......the quilting. I had made the decision that I was going to machine quilt this quilt myself. I was very nervous about starting the quilting process. I had only quilted one other quilt and I only did "stitch in the ditch" on that quilt.

I ordered some quilt templets online and used a couple of those and very happy with how it turned out. I was more worried about how I would quilt in the blocks around the cars as I am lousy at stipple.

I decided on doing lines in a v shape that kind of goes with the flying geese chevron look. I am happy with how it turned out. It took much longer for me to complete the quilting process than I thought it would but I wanted to take my time since this was my first real quilting project.

So this is the finished quilt I made for Pop. I have completed doing the binding and the quilt label is on the back. I will have to take a photo of the label I made with an embroidered little red vintage truck at the top of the label.

I had a few people ask me what that thing was below the appliqued name. It is a front bumper from an Edsel, an old car they used to make a very long time ago. My Father in Law likes antiques although he doesn't have any old cars as he doesn't really have the room. He used to have an old cadillac years ago. I think he will like the theme of this quilt.

Well on to another quilt project......hope you enjoyed seeing my Antique Car quilt.

September 2011

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