Aunt Mary's Quilt

This weekend my cousin came for a visit from Lauderdale. She brought me a quilt top that her mother made and never quilted. This quilt is at least over 50yrs old as best we can figure.

Judi and I have discussed this quilt several times since my Aunt Mary passed away and I have offered to hand quilt it for her and feel it an honor to finish something my Aunt made. She sewed all her life and was such an inspiration to me thru out my life.

I unfolded the quilt today and laid it out so I could take some photos. It has yellowed with age but one thing that confuses me is that there was a batting and backing basted to it that was not discolored at all. My cousin nor anyone else has attempted to quilt this and my Aunt's eye sight was very bad for many years. I assumed this was why she never quilted it.

I can remember as a child that Aunt Mary wore very thick glasses that made her eyes look huge so it seems she has had vision problems very early on. Later in years it seems I had heard she had cataracts as well. So it is only my assumption that she did not quilt it because of her vision. Then I have pondered that could it be perhaps this was not a quilt Aunt Mary made but maybe her Mother made it? Now it seems to be a mystery.....

I removed the backing and batting off the quilt as I planned to replace it with all new. I noticed a stamp along the selvedge that says in parentheses "PROGRESS" Dogwood Quilt S&G NYC I am assuming it means New York City of course.
I have googled these words and came up with nothing. In looking closer I can see a quilt design stamped on the muslin too. I guess the whole piece is stamped in this Dogwood design she appliqued and then there is the quilt design already stamped to finish it. I had hoped to be able to get a date as to when this was made.

I am inquiring from a few quilt groups as to how I should proceed with the quilt. The quilt is very yellow with age and I would like to wash it but not sure if that is a good idea before it is quilted.
Well this will be an ongoing story as I try and finish Aunt Mary's quilt. I will add to this page of my blog as I lovingly take on this quilting journey.....wondering who the woman was that quilted this beautiful top. Aunt Mary? Her Mother or maybe be even a family member further back. I sure wish this quilt could tell me the story......

July 4, 2011


  1. It's a wonderful quilt. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. That is a marvelous quilt. I would guess it was one of the kit quilts that were sold last century.

  3. Ooh, I love this quilt. I'm anxious to see how you proceed!