Friday, August 24, 2012

Catching Up.....

Hello Friends.....

   Well guess this has not been my year for getting my quilting goals accomplished. I have been sick and down in the back for just about the entire year. I have started feeling alot better although my back is still not real good and I have bursitis in my hip. Hoping that goes away soon.

   I had alot of quilting goals I wanted to accomplish this year but will not dwell on that since there is no catching up at this point. I will just be happy to be sewing and quilting again. I have been in bad need of a new chair in my sewing room. I have been using my Mothers old swivel chair she used when she worked at the bank years ago. It has a date on the bottom of 1962! I believe we used it beyond it's years for sure.

   It has contributed to making my back hurt when I was sewing. Hubby took me over on the coast and we found an Office Depot that had a sale on office chairs. They also have a great selection of their chairs assembled so I was actually able to sit and try them out and see what one was going to work for me. We bought a really nice chair for $99.00.

   Yesterday I tried out my new chair for the first time and it was very comfortable. One of the quilts I had planned to make this year is a memory quilt in remembrance of my Dad. He was a musician all his life and played many different instruments.

 I have fond memories of him playing music and singing. The quilt I plan to make will have a photo of him when he was very young with his trumpet and machine embroidered instruments thruout the quilt that he has played over the years. The trumpet of course and the accordian, piano, drums, guitar and harmonica.

   I got a start yesterday on embroidering a few of the instruments. I have been collecting embroidery designs and music themed fabrics for several years to make this quilt.

   I found some really nice musical themed designs at Embroidery Library. I buy alot of my designs from that web site on the internet. I used a gold mettalic thread when I embroidered the trumpet and it turned out real nice.

   My Dad started playing the trimpet when he was about 4 yrs old. I think of all the instruments he played it was my favorite other than when he sang. Sometimes when listening to the radio or occassionally on TV I will hear one of the songs my Dad sang back years ago and it brings tears to my eyes. The song "Georgia" sung by Willie Nelson and the song "For the Good Times" always make me cry.

   When my Dad passed away, my Mother gave me his accoustic guitar. I had never played one before but I have learned to play it a little bit.

   My Dad played the accordian many years ago when I was real young. Back when the Polka was really popular and he played songs like Beer Barrel Polka and my family would all jump up and be dancing around the livingroom.  What great memories!

   So this is going to be the start of Dad's quilt. I will add more photos of the embroidery as I get them completed. I am researching printing photos on fabric so I can have Dad's photo on the quilt.

   When this quilt is done I will use it to snuggle up on the couch on a cold winter evening as I watch TV. So drop by once in a while and follow the progress of my Dad's quilt.  I am open to suggestions if you have done a project like this before, I have done embroidery on a quilt before but the photo on fabric is going to be new for me. 

 Catch ya later quilting friends!
 August 24, 2012
 Corry Geissinger



  1. That's going to be a really neat quilt. Love the photo of your dad!! Sorry about the back and hip problems - I've got chronic bursitis at my Achilles, so I can imagine the issue in a hip. :(

  2.'s been a while since you posted. Hope you are better and just having fun.

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