Monday, July 18, 2011

Quilting Today....

I started quilting the Antique Car quilt that I have been working on yesterday.

This quilt has machine embroidered antique cars in the blocks and will be given to my Father in Law when finished. I have been putting off the quilting of this quilt for a while. I don't have alot of experience doing the quilting myself but I have to start somewhere don't I. I so far am doing stitch in the ditch. This is going good so far.

I ordered some templets a few weeks ago to use on the outer borders. The background quilting inside the block is what I am not comfortable with. I have been practicing but not getting the hang of it so far. My stippling looks pretty sad but I am going to still work at it. I heard somewhere to practice on paper doing the design and then it will come easier when I am using the machine. I plan to try that and see if it helps....will let ya know.
When I get this quilt done I will take some photos and let ya'll take a peek before I give it to Pop.


  1. A start is a great beginning - it will help with the anxiety! Maybe even give to inspiration. My son would just love this - a car collector and repair.

  2. Good for you, Corry! I recently dove into machine quilting, too. I know how scary it is. You'll be so happy when you finish the quilt, though. Go for it! :D

  3. Hey Corrine....I finally figured this out...a senior moment I guess lol....Iam trying to do my blog and its a lot of much to choose from...waS YOUR blog free...Iam trying to find gadgets I guess....something to add to the blog...I love all your quilts...Trish