Sunday, July 3, 2011

What a Week.....

Good Sunday Morning...... Not a whole lot accomplished this week as far as my sewing. The Florida weather has been consistant in keeping me from using my sewing machines. I have started to just take that time to sit in the recliner with my Christmas quilt I am hand quilting and have gotten alot done on that this week.

Inbetween storms I have made a few quilt blocks for an exchange I am in. They have turned out nicely. At my thursday sewing group I again worked on my handquilting.

I have not been able to set up this blog as I had wanted but changed some things around this weekend. Instead of getting to one page for My Quilts from a tab at the top I have a tab for each quilt I have made under a My Quilts title in the column on the right of this page. Last night I added "My Horse Quilt" to my blog with sort of a story behind my horse quilt and what has inspired me to make this quilt. Rarely have I made a quilt that was just made because I saw some pretty fabric. At least so far I usually make a quilt for someone reflecting something about that person or something they really like. So if you have the time check out my Horse Quilt page from the link on the right.

My cousin Judy from Ft. Lauderdale came for a visit yesterday. She always has a goodie bag for me and it sure felt like christmas yesterday. She brought me the cutest little hummingbird figurine that will hang in my sewing room. I love birds and my favorites are Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Chickadees and as far as real birds I have 2 cockatiels.

She brought me several yards of an assortment of Christmas fabrics. My favorite she brought has a green background with sparkly Hershey kisses all over it. During the holidays I always have a little Christmas sleigh full of hershey kisses in it.

The most exciting thing she brought me is my Aunt Mary's quilt she pieced probably more than 50 yrs ago. For some reason she never finished this quilt. It has the backing and batting basted on it but it was never quilted. It is beautifully appliqued and will be an honor for me to finish it for her. My Aunt Mary has long passed away and the quilt, when I am finished will go to my cousin Judy. Judy used to quilt with her Mother but just can't bring herself to quilt now without Aunt Mary so I offered to hand quilt this for her. Later today I will add photos of this quilt.

I plan to remove the batting and backing and use new batting and buy some muslin for a new backing too. I need to wash this quilt as it looks discolored but am not too sure if that is a good idea and what to use to wash it. Not sure if I really should go ahead and quilt it first or if it would be alright to wash it before hand. Even though it has been in storage all these years it has 50 some years of "something" (discoloration or yellowing) on it. If anyone has any suggestions on trying to refurbish this quilt, please contact me at

I am hoping to be able to spend the day sewing today. I want to finish the blocks for the block exchange I am in if weather permits. Friends.

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