Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Tuesday Morning.....

Well good tuesday morning to you. It has to be a good day since my plans are to sew all day. I should be able to finish piecing the antique Car quilt today with the last border to go now. Then I can think about quilting it. That has me nervous as I am unsure of how I want to machine quilt it. Any suggestions are welcome.

I am still trying to get this blog organized. I added a button up near the top that takes you to my quilts. I have photos of my first two quilts I made and the story about the Unicorn quilt I made for my step daughter. It starts out rather tragic as her house burned down one cold December morning just two weeks before Christmas. No one was injured in the fire but she lost everything which inspired me to make this quilt.

I worked for a whole year on this quilt in secret which for this family is impossible to keep anything a secret but I did it. Well you just have to read the story and of course there are plenty of photos.

I did leave one thing out of the story. While at my thursday sewing group a lady came and informed us of a local quilt show to be held. Well after she left most of the ladies told me I needed to enter the Unicorn quilt!! I said, "I don't even have it, I gave it to Melissa. It is hers now". Well I asked her if I could enter her quilt in the show and of course she was all for it.
A few weeks later I dropped the quilt off at the church for the show. The next day I went to the show and when I walked in several ladies met me at the door with the news that the Unicorn quilt had won a blue ribbon! My first time entering a quilt show and I was glad it was with the unicorn quilt. It is now back home with Melissa.

Well I better finish my coffee and get to my "Grandma Cave'(the sewing room) and get some work done before the Florida storms roll in this afternoon.


  1. Your unicorn quilt is so exceptional. Just lovely. Love the term 'grandma den'. I am trying to finish up my Santa Sack for my swap - want to get it mailed out tomorrow. This is going to be tough - 6 months of receiving gifts to put in a sack that you can't open until Christmas - but what fun.

  2. Congratulations on your blue ribbon.

  3. Wow - this is an amazing quilt, and I can't believe you managed to keep it secret!