Thursday, June 16, 2011

This and That.....

   I have been thinking about starting my own blog for several months and finally have begun to set it up. This has been a slow process as I am trying to figure out how this all works and how to get the look and feel I want for my blog. So have patience with me, I will get to uploading photos of my quilts when I get the format just

   I had a few distractions this week. Daughter Christi and her girls have spent alot of time here thru out the week as Christi has prepared to go to the state National Barrel horse Show in Kissimmee Florida. She left yesterday so it has calmed down quite a bit now I continue recuperating from a "Super Shopping Trip" I went on with 13 of my sewing friends on Tuesday. We had a caravan of 4 cars as we made our way to north Florida to visit some quilting stores, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and a great lunch in what is known as a haunted restuarant.

  I had a few things I planned to buy on my trip as I have not been shopping out of town since last fall. I was in need of a new rotary cutter and some needles for my embroidery machines. My main focus for this trip was to find backing material for my horse quilt.
 It has been done for several months and all I needed was the backing and then it can go to my long arm quilter. This quilt is just too large for me to quilt on my machine.

  As I said I am still recuperating from the shopping trip and my allergies have been giving me a fit the past few days so I have not gotten back to my sewing room the past few days. Last night I never got to sleep at all I was so stuffed up and felt like I was smothering every time I tried to lay down. I spent most of the night sitting in the kitchen reading a book. "Storm Prey" by John Sandford, at least I had a good book to keep me company thru out the night. I LOVE to read but then that is another topic I will get to another time.

  Well that is enough about my week so far. I hope to get my quilting and embroidery projects on here very soon. Sew that's enough of 'This and That".....Catch ya later....


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  1. Welcome to blogland. Look forward to sharing with you. Just love your horse quilt and it is lovely as your banner. I like your black/blue and white writing set-up - different from others, like different. Very easy to read and it should really showcase your photos.