Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Weekend......

Good Morning......sittin here just enjoying my cup of coffee lookin' back over my week so far since we are coming down the backstretch, planning for a nice finish to a good week. Going to try and spend some more time sewing although it is Father's Day. Let me tell you about my plan.

Several months ago I decided to make a quilt for my Father in Law and give it to him for Father's Day. I designed this quilt all myself with lots of machine embroidery.

I used some designs from Embroidery Library of Antique Cars and that is the theme of this quilt since Pop is into antiques. EL has a great selection of antique car designs. This one is a 1941 Chevy. I think I got a really nice selection of twelve cars and of course there is a 57' Chevy too. That model is the all time
classic of antique cars, in my

I've been working right long on this quilt the past few months and got all the car blocks done and pieced together but unfortunately I will not have the quilt done to give it to Pop today. It still has to be quilted and the binding done before it is finished. These are the last two photos I took of the quilt.

I am hoping if I work on it thru out this next week I can have it finshed for next weekend and give it to him. I will post some photos of the completed quilt when I am all finished.

So off to my sewing room to try and get this quilt done. Stop back and see my completed quilt in about a week, me


  1. This is just fabulous - even in the 'progress' state. Oh, my son would love this - I see 3 cars that he has owned (restores and re-sells). This is just a wonder!

  2. Wow that is so nice! I love embroidery in a quilt and this one is just great. I really like how you offset the blocks and have the cars labeled. Great job!!

  3. Gorgeous embroidery, and it's going to be an awesome quilt.

  4. HOW FUN!!! These cars are so realistic, the embroidery is really good! Please, do you have the link where you found these cars?


  5. These are really fun, too! OK, that's it. You're going on my blogroll. ;D